Testimonials of Real people whose lives have been touched by our passionate commitment in providing top-class care and comfort.
Story of Courage | Arnold Otero | My Asian Story

In 2012, Arnold Otero, a Civil Engineer, started to feel a numbness in his right leg which later developed into restless leg syndrome. The same leg was later diagnosed to be dystonic, making it difficult for him to walk properly. He had to tiptoe to move from one place to another.


Story of Courage: Sophie Lauren Bango | My Asian Story

Sophie is the eldest among three siblings and people were asking why she is thin, so her mother said that she is okay and not sickly, but she often has colds. When she was checked in the hospital, they noticed that her weight was not ideal for her age so they changed her doctor. They found out that she has a heart murmur and was advised to take a 2D echo where a Patient Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) was seen.

Story of Courage: Apolonio L. Atienza | My Asian Story

Apolonio L. Atienza, who worked at the Bureau of Immigration for 25 years, suddenly felt chest pain and severe sweating while having dinner with his family. He then blacked out, later on he found out he was experiencing a massive heart attack. When he was already in the Cath Lab, he experienced another heart attack and lost his consciousness and he had to be revived because his heart stopped beating.

Story of Courage: Alden C. Aboy | My Asian Story

One day, he experienced his first heart attack, he was working and he had to rush his work so that he can go home immediately. When he was taking a shower he couldn’t breathe and his wife got angry at him because she thought he did not dry himself. It turns out that it was severe sweating, but it was like he was just brought out of the swimming pool.