Dr. John Añonuevo, a distinguished cardiologist at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, is more than just a healer. He is also a mentor to aspiring physicians, determined to cultivate a new generation of doctors whose hands will carry on his legacy of compassionate patient care. With a sense of pride and accomplishment, Dr. Añonuevo speaks of the residency training program he has established at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, confident that the doctors he has trained will continue to heal and make a positive impact on the lives of their patients long after he has retired.

Meet the man

Dr. John Añonuevo recently received the Distinguished Teacher Award from Philippine College of Physician, a medical organization in the Philippines, in recognition of Dr. Añonuevo’s remarkable contribution to the betterment of the medical field. He was the chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at Asian Hospital and Medical Center from 2014 – 2018 where he pioneered the residency training program and was recognized for Extraordinary Leadership in 2019. He is also known by many for his deep passion for teaching.

Dr. John Añonuevo’s passion for medicine and teaching began at a young age. He knew early on that he wanted to become a doctor, and his determination to pursue this dream never wavered. Throughout his career, he has devoted himself to the practice of medicine and the education of the next generation of physicians. His love for teaching is evident in his work as a professor, where he imparts his vast knowledge and experience to his students, inspiring them to become the best doctors they can be. His commitment to teaching and mentoring has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and students, and has cemented his place as a beloved figure in the field of Philippine medicine.

On his role as one of the stewards in bettering the Asian Cardiovascular Institute

Dr. Añonuevo is not only dedicated to producing the next generation of doctors but also committed to providing the best healthcare options for patients. As an Asian Hospital’s Clinical Excellence Awardee and an active member of the Asian Cardiovascular Institute, he consistently advocates for the improvement of facilities, procedures, and doctors’ training and expertise. Additionally, the Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s residency training program continues to accept applicants and offers an opportunity for physicians to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen field. Through hands-on clinical experience, the program has produced highly skilled and competent physicians who have made significant contributions to the field of medicine. This program continues to attract top-notch medical professionals who are passionate about advancing their knowledge and skills, improving patient care, and delivering compassionate healthcare to patients from all walks of life.

On healing hearts

“Being able to see patients go back to their homes, being able to go back to their work, with their family. It’s the passion and the satisfaction of being able to treat patients, make them better, make them of service to the family again. It’s not just the patient that you’ve helped but also their family and the community.”

Dr. John Añonuevo strongly believes that being a doctor is more than just achieving awards or financial success. For him, the primary goal of being a doctor is to heal people and make a positive impact on their lives. He finds fulfillment in witnessing his patients being reunited with their loved ones and overcoming impossible odds. One specific case that truly stood out to him was when they had to perform an emergency surgery on an ER patient who was on the verge of death. Despite the challenges, the patient was successfully saved and able to spend more precious moments with their family. This kind of satisfaction is what drives Dr. Añonuevo to continue practicing medicine and sharing his experiences and knowledge with his students. He hopes that his students will also hold on to this sense of fulfillment and use it to inspire their own medical journey.

On building the next generation of doctors

Dr. Añonuevo’s impact on Philippine medicine is not limited to his impressive clinical experience and expertise. As the former chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, he established the residency training program, which has become his major contribution to the hospital. Since its inception, the program has produced 40 internists and some of which has become his colleagues. Dr. Añonuevo’s passion for teaching and healing is also evident in his active role as an instructor for the residents in the program. One of the first graduates, Dr. Rainier Alegria, describes Dr. Añonuevo as a “cool and caring dad” who is always willing to share his knowledge and have their backs.
Dr. Añonuevo’s dedication to teaching extends beyond the hospital walls, as his students can attest. They praise him for his willingness to help clarify anything they need, no matter the time of day. “He would never let you feel that your call is bothersome,” says Dr. Alegria. “Dr. John would make you feel that your call is very important and give his advice.” Dr. Añonuevo’s impact on the next generation of doctors goes beyond imparting knowledge and skills – his compassion and dedication inspire them to strive for excellence in their own careers.
Let us share to you the 10 lessons that Dr. Añonuevo imparts to his mentees, for this can be a reminder not just for doctors but for everyone in any industry.

10 Advices On How To Be Happy and Successful In Your Medical Practices

  1. Money is not everything in this world.
  2. Treat your patient’s as a source of opportunity for service and not as ATM machines.
  3. Figure out who you are and never ever compare yourself with anyone.
  4. Drive yourself to where you want to go, but never at the expense of others.
  5. Failures are bound to happen for everyone. They are what we call learning experiences.
  6. Always err in the direction of kindness. Selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  7. Spread your wings and soar high. Chase your dreams and never stop trying to achieve. Never stop trying to achieve your goals.
  8. Never forget to treat yourself. Take care of yourself. You only have one body, so pamper it every now and then.
  9. Pay it forward. Respond to a person’s kindness by being kind to someone else.
  10. Be close to Him. That’s God. Because he will remain forever the source of your strength and the light to your happiness.
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