Sophie is the eldest among three siblings and people were asking why she is thin, so her mother said that she is okay and not sickly, but she often has colds. When she was checked in the hospital, they noticed that her weight was not ideal for her age so they changed her doctor. They found out that she has a heart murmur and was advised to take a 2D echo where a Patient Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) was seen.

After their consultation with a Pediatric Cardiologist, they discovered that she had a hole in her heart. Her parents initially went to the Heart Center but upon meeting acquaintances, they learned about Asian Hospital. They applied in Asian Hospital Charities Inc. and persevered in waiting for almost two years because her case is not an emergency procedure.

Vacation of 2016, her case was approved and Asian Hospital’s constant reminder for them not to lose hope came true. Asian Hospital was the one taking the initiative to follow up on their applicants, and one day called them to go to Manila so that the procedure can be done.

The operation was done immediately and it’s like she only felt an ant bite. Their hospital experience was positive because they were accommodated, and were not treated like any other charity case because they felt that the treatment they experienced was the same treatment with other non-charity patients.

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