Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) was founded on a vision to provide the Filipino people top notch medical service that is at par with international standards. This idea was translated into reality through the passion and dedication of its people who are burning with fervor to give more of themselves and stay true to its commitment of providing “Innovations in Healthcare for an Unforgettable Healing Experience”.

Established on May 11, 2002, AHMC is a premiere tertiary hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) as one of the most advanced healthcare institutions in the Philippines dedicated to providing value healthcare for patients and their families. It is a member of the Metro Pacific Hospital Group, the largest Philippine-based private hospital group managed by the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), the local unit of the First Pacific Group headed by Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan.

The first hospital in the Philippines designed with a hotel-like ambiance, AHMC believes in creating an environment which ultimately promotes healing, comfort, and care for the patient and their family. AHMC boasts a 296-bed capacity on a 17,250-square meter, carefully planned and specially designed to provide a sanctuary that ensures the safety of every patient, guest, and staff. With over 1,000 doctors trained in various specialties at the world’s top institutions, more than 400 highly skilled nurses, and 1,000 employees and staff, AHMC continuously provides high-quality patient care.

As one of the country’s most advanced healthcare institutions, AHMC is guided by the values of fairness, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and respect that have served as the hospital’s foundation since its establishment.

With a vision to become the Center of Global Expertise in caring for the unique needs of all patients and communities and a mission to deliver accessible world-class compassionate and integrative healthcare services to every individual. It efforts to innovate, its dedication to its beloved patients being the hospital’s drive to embark on deliberate actions that will lead to the best clinical outcomes, quality patient safety, and efficient disease management approaches.


Whether you’re looking for a consultation, a surgery, or a family check-up, we invite you to experience our brand of “Tatak Asian” care.


The Hospital was designed with a hotel-like ambience to promote healing and provide comfort.
Although mainly for patients, it was also designed with visiting families and friends in mind.
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