The International Health Services (IHS) is in charge of coordinating the daily activities of foreign and fly-in patients. The main functions of this unit are as follows:  

  1. Patient Referrals
  2. Payor Coordination
  3. Patient Navigation
  4. Clinical Documentation
  5. Logistics and Accommodation and
  6. Patient Recovery and Continuity of Care

The goal of the unit is absolute coordination between external and internal shops for the patient’s entire healthcare journey, from their arrival in the hospital to their departure back to their respective home countries.  The IHS team works closely with the attending Physicians, Nursing Services, Ancillary Services, Business Office, and other hospital personnel. 



Asian Hospital and Nurture Wellness Memorandum of Agreement signing on!

The International Health Services is aligning our efforts with the identified stand of the Philippine’s Department of Tourism—the Health & Wellness Tourism.

With this, we are pushing for a strong collaboration between Philippine’s medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, dental facilities) and wellness facilities (spa, hotels, retreat facilities) for patient/guest continuity of care and in support of the Philippine initiatives.  In this sense, there is also shared marketing for both facilities.

The International Health Services Pool of Doctors Orientation held last December 16, 2019, shows that our doctors are not just medical practitioners, but they are also our partners!


Heart Alliance of the Philippines is a consortium of proactive and dynamic stakeholders committed to develop and promote the Philippines as a preferred destination for Healthcare, Retirement, and Tourism towards economic growth and sustainability. 


To establish effective linkages and strong partnership with the government, private organizations, and international communities in making the Philippines a global healthcare and retirement destination providing quality medical and wellness services.


  • To represent the private sector in liaising with the government agencies 
  • To encourage trade, collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the stakeholders
  • To safeguard the country’s reputation and credibility as a global healthcare destination
  • To forge alliances with international government agencies and communities
  • To generate investments and business opportunities 
  • To protect the environment for the promotion of holistic healing


  • To encourage private sector collaboration with government in the formulation of relevant policies and program implementation
  • To develop, market and sell seamless health tourism packages and retirement destinations, both locally and internationally, highlighting the unique Filipino care and hospitality
  • To participate in conferences, expositions, marketing activities, research, fora, and trading of products and services, both locally and internationally • To set the criteria of membership and standards that will enable and equip the members to be globally competitive and meet the international requirements of patient care and guests’ safety; thereby contributing to the improvement of healthcare and hospitality service in the country.
  • To encourage and promote investments in technological advancements and modernization of healthcare facilities
  • To adhere to local and international sustainable green practices that will guarantee the reduction of negative environmental impacts leading to the patients’ holistic healing, community’s well-being, and environmental protection


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