In 2012, Arnold Otero, a Civil Engineer, started to feel a numbness in his right leg which later developed into restless leg syndrome. The same leg was later diagnosed to be dystonic, making it difficult for him to walk properly. He had to tiptoe to move from one place to another.

His health issues did not stop there. He later developed anxiety, blepharospasm or involuntary muscular movement of his eyes, and lost weight. He also developed dystonic posturing of the abdomen, crumped posture on the neck. It even reached the point when the construction firm he was working for wanted to let him go.

The Asian Brain Institute introduced the Deep Brain Stimulation or DBS in 2018 and he was deemed a good candidate for the procedure. Through Asian Hospital Charities Inc., he was able to undergo the procedure. DBS calls for the implantation of neuro stimulators with the end goal of normalizing brain signals in the affected part of the brain.

Two months after the procedure, the patient was already able to walk without his cane and the swing in his right arm had normalized. He was well enough to return to work. 

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