One day, he experienced his first heart attack, he was working and he had to rush his work so that he can go home immediately. When he was taking a shower he couldn’t breathe and his wife got angry at him because she thought he did not dry himself. It turns out that it was severe sweating, but it was like he was just brought out of the swimming pool.

When he was checked at Asian Hospital, he was diagnosed for his first Angioplasty and he then woke up after the procedure in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He then had his second heart attack where he had to be rushed to the Emergency Room and defibrillated five times.

He testified that Asian Hospital’s team joined forces in order to treat the patient, they did their best in order to give what’s best for the fast recovery of the patient. He could not stop thanking the team of doctors and the lead doctor who did not give up in reviving him and is now living his new life.

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