Having a hard time moving because of a swollen arm or leg? It could be Lymphedema. Make an appointment with our Asian Hospital Vascular Specialist now if you notice persistent swelling in your arm or leg.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the signs and symptoms of Lymphedema?

  • Swelling of part or all of the arm or leg, including fingers or toes
  • Feeling of heaviness or tightness
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Recurring infections
  • Hardening and thickening of the skin (Fibrosis)

Is Lymphedema treatable?
There is no cure for lymphedema. Treatment focuses on reducing the swelling and preventing complications.

What are the complications of untreated Lymphedema?
Patients with untreated lymphedema may have difficulty with daily activities and are more vulnerable to injury.

Is there any available treatment for Lymphedema?
The Asian Cardiovascular Institute in collaboration with Asian Cancer Institute launched a Vascular Lymphedema Clinic offering comprehensive screening and program sessions to patients with Lymphedema. There will be a collaborative assessment and evaluation of a Vascular Cardiologist and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist before and after a program session.

What can I expect during the program session?
The Lymphedema Therapist will teach the patient about techniques and equipment like Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Compression Bandages and Garments, and Exercises that can help reduce lymphedema swelling.



Initial Consultation & Assessment by Vascular CardiologistPHP 1,700
Initial Consultation & Assessment with DVT Screening*PHP 4,750
Post Consultation & Assessment by Vascular CardiologistPHP 1,700

*DVT Screening is an imaging test that uses sound waves to look at the flow of blood in the veins. It can detect blockages or blood clots in the deep veins


Initial Assessment for Vascular Lymphedema TherapyPHP 2,000
Vascular Lymphedema Therapy (per session)PHP 3,000
Vascular Lymphedema Therapy (3 sessions)PHP 8,000
Vascular Lymphedema Therapy (6 sessions)PHP 16,000
Vascular Lymphedema Therapy (12 sessions)PHP 32,000

To book an appointment, contact
the Asian Hospital Info Hub(02) 8771-9000 local 5913

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