Get the most out of your skin care treatments by making sure that they meet the needs of your skin from within. Perform a 3D skin analysis for as low as PHP 1,500.00!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to undergo skin analysis. What should I do?
    We recommend having an assessment and consultation with a dermatologist or a board certified specialist in aesthetic procedures. Each patient will be evaluated closely and the results of the skin analysis will be explained in detail.

  2. When should skin analysis be done?
    You can do skin analysis before any aesthetic or laser procedure. A professional clinical staff will perform the taking of photographs as basis for skin analysis, The dermatologist or other specialist will perform a thorough analysis to familiarize them with your skin, assess its condition, and look for any underlying issues. Skin analysis helps them form a diagnosis to provide proper treatment, and a comparison between before and after an aesthetic procedure.

  3. How does the skin analyzer machine work?
    The machine takes a photo of your skin and analyses the depth of the wrinkles and lines, takes a measurement of the depth of the pores, and assesses the amount of sun damage to your skin as well as pigmentation and oiliness. Assess facial angles, measurements, heights and widths. Visualize and quantify volume changes post- treatment. Evaluate and quantify skin tightening and lifting in 3D.

  4. How much does the procedure cost?
    Total cost of use of Skin Analyzer is only Php 1,500 per session. This includes the imaging process (photos) and the specialist interpretation of the skin analysis.

  5. Will my insurance cover the Skin Analysis?
    Generally, aesthetic procedures are considered as elective and are usually not covered by most HMOs or insurance plans. However if it is related with any skin conditions it may be considered depending on the coverage of your insurance company. We advise that you coordinate this with your HMO liaison.

  6. Is there any preparation required to undergo the procedure?
    There is no required preparation for this procedure. You may visit the Aesthetix Asian Center on any day that there is specialist on duty so that the results can explained to you right after the procedure.

  7. How long is the procedure of Skin Analysis?
    The imaging process or taking the photos will only take 15 minutes. The interpretation of results will take 30 minutes or more depends on the assessment and consultation with the Specialists.

  8. Who can I consult?
    ENT Facial Plastic Surgeons
    Oculoplastic Surgeons
    Plastic Surgeons

To book an appointment, contact
the Asian Hospital Info Hub
(02) 8771-9000 local 5913

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