Persistent back problems? Your back pain could be a symptom of scoliosis that you may not be aware of! 

Scoliosis can be treated without surgery using the Schroth Method. The curved spine is returned to a more normal position with exercises tailored to each patient.

The Schroth Method exercise goals:

  • Stabilization of the curve/s
  • Mobilization of ribcage
  • Improving postural alignment
  • Teaching activities of daily living
  • Promoting postural correction
  • Enhancing neuromuscular control
  • Increasing muscle strength and endurance
  • Pain reduction
  • Improving respiratory function


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


24 Sessions


Our Schroth Method Therapist had his Doctorate Residency Program in Oregon and Washington, USA, and is a coordinator of Schroth Best Practice – Germany here in the Philippines

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