International-grade medical service with a Filipino heart, Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) provides premium quality health care to Filipino people. Since its founding on May 11, 2002, the medical center in Manila has been sincere in delivering its commitment: “Innovations in healthcare for an unforgettable healing experience.”

Hailed as one of the best hospitals in the Philippines, AHMC is the first healthcare institution in the country that holds a hotel-like ambiance, creating an environment that promotes healing, comfort, and care for both patients and their families.

A multi-awarded private hospital, AHMC received the gold seal accreditations by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for meeting the international standards for hospitals. Being one of the top hospitals in the Philippines, it has also received several awards and recognitions from the Department of Health (DOH) and other sectors, including:

  • Hospital of the Year – Philippines (for demonstrating Value Through Better Outcomes) in 2019
  • 30 Star Hospital Awards and Best Tertiary Healthcare Facility in 2018
  • Finalist in WHO’s Hand Hygiene Excellence Award in 2018
  • Champion, 11th Interesting Case Presentation and Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital in 2017
  • Center of Excellence Accreditation in 2010

Why is Asian Hospital & Medical Center the Best?

  • Facility appearance – As one of the best hospitals in Manila, AHMC provides cozy and comfortable rooms for all patients. The hospital believes in creating an environment that ultimately promotes healing, comfort, and care for each patient. Boasting its over 295-bed capacity, the hospital is standing on a 17,250-square meter, comprehensively planned and designed to provide a sanctuary that ensures the safety of every patient, guest, and staff.
  • Staff friendliness – With more than 1,600 well-trained employees, AHMC continuously provides high-quality patient care. Aside from professional skills, doctors, nurses, and other staff ensure to offer warm gestures, friendliness, and positive everyday interactions as they value the work they do.
  • Hospital reputation – A premier tertiary and JCI accredited hospital, AHMC is a reputable health care provider. Aside from its upscale and comfortable environment, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and comprehensive facilities as well as the best surgeons and proficient doctors. AHMC is one of the most advanced healthcare institutions in the Philippines, its success translates into a downward trend in ICU mortality, treatment of COVID-19 patients, and better patient outcomes.
  • Quality & availability of services – AHMC delivers an accessible, compassionate, and integrative range of healthcare services to all patients, giving customized medical care based on their individual needs. As the best heart hospital in the Philippines, AHMC’s foundation has been motivated by the values of fairness, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and respect since it was established. It offers the best clinical outcomes, quality patient safety, and efficient disease management approaches.
  • Quality & availability of emergency care – AHMC aims to deliver safe and efficient quality medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The emergency department is accessible on the upper ground floor of the hospital. It has over 30 beds that maintain a dedicated patient registration desk with admissions personnel. Patients who visit the department have access to a wide range of services and equipment with specially trained employees, including physicians, nurses, and staff who offer premium quality care whenever needed.
  • Location – Built in the southern part of Metro Manila, AHMC is located at 2205 Civic Dr, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1780. Manned with the best doctors, the high-rise building includes both the main hospital building and the hospital’s medical offices.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center is one of the most sophisticated and the biggest hospital in the Philippines. Physicians and facility staff are committed to delivering the highest level of clinical excellence that is at par with international standards.

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