What the Asian Cancer Institute Means

Every cancer patient is a warrior battling against a ferocious foe. Every wound is a badge of courage, every bruise a testament to silent heroism.

A refuge, a sanctuary—every wounded warrior needs a place to heal. That healing place is like a mother’s embrace, ready to protect, nurture, comfort and give renewed vigor so the warrior can fight another day. The warrior and the protective embrace—the symbolism of the Asian Cancer Institute’s logo. The inner arc in lavender color stands for a person afflicted with cancer. Lavender is the universal color of cancer. The outer yellow arc, like a mother embracing her child, is Asian Hospital and Medical Center. Yellow is the color of Chrysanthemum — means good health. In the same protective, maternal embrace, the Asian Cancer Institute welcomes any patient that enters its doors.

With Global Expertise in Cancer Care, every patient receives the best integrative, multidisciplinary cancer screening and management processes. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the dedicated expertise of its doctors and staff, the Asian Cancer Institute provides a comprehensive spectrum of services that significantly enhances the rates of treatment success.

Filipino Heart that Comforts and Heals. The Asian Cancer Institute provides individualized compassionate care and assures that every patient is totally cared for. It offers a healing environment that comforts and heals the body and also the spirit. At the Asian Cancer Institute, every patient can feel the embrace of healing, comfort , and hope.

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