Asian Hospital and Medical Center held the Patient Experience Rally during its 20th Anniversary celebration last May 11, 2022. The Patient Experience Rally focused on strengthening Asian Hospital’s commitment to providing the best and most delightful experience for its patients and reinforcing the “Tatak Asian, Pusong Asian” brand of care. 

“It is not enough that we are being able to cure our patients. We need to make them feel better because every patient that comes to Asian Hospital is in great fear, is in great need.”

– Andres Licaros Jr., President and CEO

“I hope it is just the start, of how we are really going to build the service mindset of all of us for us to really be able to deliver the best kind of experience to all of our patients.”  – Hennesy Miranda, Director, Marketing and Customer Experience & Engagement

Watch this video and see the highlights during the Patient Experience Rally.

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