Human Resources strengthens #SupportLocal Program

The pandemic affected the country in a thousand ways but it also taught the people to be innovative and skillful in terms of resourcefulness. The online world debuted in the time of COVID because it is one way to keep everyone safe from contracting the virus. Asian Hospital and Medical Center ‘s (AHMC) Human Resources Department and Tatak Asian Pusong Asian Team (TAPAT) devised ways on how employees may gain extra income and augment their financial literacy.    

Last May 18, 2021, members of TAPAT and HR launched the TAPAT Local Market Facebook (FB) page so that Asian employees may have a platform where they can freely post the products they are selling aside from the original Everyday Employee Engagement group.

Various financial literacy and skill building programs were made available to these employees to help equip them on their business plans. The two-part webinar organized by ELITE titled, “How to start and grow your Investment?” facilitated by BDO last April 16 and 23 where the employees learnt about equity, index, and other types of funds.  The webinar was attended by close to fifty employees. 

As part of their plans, TAPAT is planning to provide a Puhunan package for those employees who want to start their business. Opening the TAPAT Local Market FB group and a weekend market to external customers are also in the list of the future plans. They also wish to collaborate with government or NGO that will provide free trainings and/or seminars for the employees. 

In terms of providing employees an area where they may sell their products in the hospital, the opening of the TAPAT Local Friday or Weekend Market at the alfresco dining area is on its way

Supporting local products and financial wellness began in 2012 for the Asian Hospital community when the Employee Bazaar happened during AHMC’s anniversary and Christmas weeklong celebration. The AHMC Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Coop) enabled employees to manage their finances by setting aside a portion of their salaries and saving it thru the help of Coop. 

As part of the Financial Literacy Program in 2014, Manu Life and BDO were chosen to be the hospital’s partners for insurance and payroll accounts. In 2018, a free skill building session was accessible to all employess as there was a photography and videography learning session along with a livelihood program. 

For the years 2019 and 2020, an Employee Business Directory posting, Online Employee Business Directory, Personal Financial Management Learning Sessions, and an Online Bazaar was made possible amidst the pandemic. Through teamwork and cooperation, these programs are designed to help the employees boost their fullest potential in local business and financial wellness.

Health Declaration Commitment: A tool to ensure healthcare workers are in good condition

Asian Hospital’s Human Resources (HR) Department promotes and ensures a safe working environment alongside health and protocol guidelines, the complete accomplishment and submission of Health Declaration survey will help the institution to properly monitor and ensure everyone’s safety.

This health declaration survey covers the physical and mental well-being of all the employees. One way to reward compliant employees is a recognition during the Asian Hospital’s anniversary for all units and departments who have 100% compliance rate in accomplishing the health declaration survey.

HR provides a weekly Health Declaration report for every department to help monitor staff’s well-being. Employees, who have indicators that need assessment by the Employee Health Services, are being monitored and validated once they have visited EHS for their consultation. 

The health declaration screening form is based on the guidelines released by the Department of Health to identify those that have signs and symptoms of COVID. When an employee clicks the ELITE button, a member of ELITE will get in touch with him/her for their private conversation regarding the matter he/she wishes to confide with. The employee is assured that all matters discussed are confidential. 

As part of their plans, upgrading the system to a mobile application or accessible through QR code scans while retaining the questionnaire content for it to be able to secure all healthcare workers and patients of the hospital. 

HR Trainings adapt to New Normal; Blended Learning Experience.

Trainings are essential and are part of an organization. It is with great pride that Asian Hospital’s Human Resources (HR) Training and Development arm has arranged various trainings appropriate for each employee in the new normal.

This includes the CORE programs where the employee is oriented and engaged on valuable information about AHMC and its culture. A Basic Competency Program designed for Non-Clinical employees to have basic knowledge and skills in email writing and advanced knowledge in basic office applications like Microsoft Office.

Some of the specialized programs are “Leadership Toolkit: Fundamentals of Leadership for Line Managers and Supervisors” where they learn about management and supervision, “Keeping it Natural: An E-Stress Management Workshop” promoting work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle, “Fundamentals for Outdoors” where hospital orientation, Customer Experience, and Facilities Management and Safety orientation for all outsourced staff. 

A Leadership Learning Series occurs every after an HR update meeting with all the managers and supervisors where it will equip the attendees with management and leadership during this pandemic. Past speakers include Dr. Shirard Leonardo Adiviso, Ms. Serely Alcaraz, Mr. Ed Novillas, Ms. Socorro Yulo Tuvilla-Sevilla, Ms. Abbygale Arenas-De Leon, Mr. Tyne Dignadice, Jr. and many more. 

The Leadership Learning Series delved into these points of learning–New and Creative Ways on Employee Engagement, A Key in Leadership Influence: Professional Online Presence, Keeping a Motivated Workforce thru Online Coaching, Performance Measures in the New Norm, Humanizing Technology, Virtual Talent Development, Servant Leadership, Agile Leadership, among others aligned to the new normal. 

The Nursing Services Group prepared these trainings—PPE Training, Lactation Midwife Training, Ambulance Training, Cross Training, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Basic Specialty Training. Through resilience and innovation, the Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Nursing Virtual Platform (NVP) aims to bridge the gap between books, classroom discussions, and how these are translated to actual nursing practice in a tertiary private hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

“Our goal is to continuously provide equipped and knowledgeable employees who are globally competitive and a big help to provide care to all our customers and be our company’s asset.”

Dr. De Jesus drops by CNN Philippines’ Med Talk Health Talk

Everyone grows old and changes are inevitable, that includes menopause in women. While symptoms may be uncomfortable for some women, some find it liberating. Asian Hospital’s Chair of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Corazon De Jesus talked about menopause and how it affects our physical and mental health and how best to manage it last May 28.

This CNN Philippines’ Med Talk Health Talk episode is available anytime at Asian Hospital’s Facebook page – and on CNN Philippines’ YouTube page- and
Facebook page –

Simply Maternal’s 1st Virtual Lay Forum

Last May 29, Asian Hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Maternal Child Unit had their Online Lay Forum for Expectant Moms titled, “Simply Maternal”.

The said Lay Forum promoted awareness and guidance to the new and soon-to-be Mommies. The first series were the topics of Caring for the Expectant Moms, Pre-natal Care during Pandemic, Pre-natal Counselling, and Shared Decision-Making between you and you OBGYN doctor were all presented by Dr. Martha B. Aquino of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and she answered the LIVE questions of the participants.

The Virtual Simply Maternal Series are set to happen on the ff. dates: June 26, July 31, August 28, September 25, and on October 30 all happening at 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. There is an available digital tour of the hospital’s facilities and the Genesis Center that may be viewed on the AHMC’s FB page. Pregnant women patients may avail of the Maternity Package that are available in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester all for a reasonable and affordable price. They may also sign up for eConsults to schedule an online consultation with an Obstetric Gynecologist. For inquiries, they may contact the Genesis Center at (02) 8-771-9000 locals 8391 and 5791.  f

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