Last April 30, 2021, the 2nd virtual Annual Stockholder’s Meeting commenced via the WebEx Platform where 84 attendees joined in the online congregation. Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s (AHMC) President and CEO Mr. Andres M. Licaros, Jr. presented his report for the previous year supported by verified data, hospital programs, communication materials hospital campaigns, new services and the like.

“Asian has grown beyond a level way beyond what our founders envisioned when it opened in May of 2002. We have faced and survived, crisis after crisis, always standing strong to conquer every challenge a start-up hospital needed to overcome. We responded with agility, speed, and firm resolve because that is Asian’s DNA,” a strong opening remark by Pres. Mr. Licaros, Jr.

Attendees included Dr. Carlos Vicente Gabriel along with the Board of Directors Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan, Mr. Augusto Palisoc Jr., Mr. Celso Bernard G. Lopez, Mr. Raymundo S. Cochangco, Dr. Sol Z. Alvarez, Dr. Fernandino Jose A. Fontanilla, Dr. Carmelita I. Quebengco, Mr. Ricardo V. Buencamino, Mr. Andres M. Licaros Jr., Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban, and Mr. Jose Noel C. Dela Paz.

It highlighted the President’s Report which focused on the fight of the frontliners against the pandemic and AHMC’s AVP for the 19th founding anniversary that will happen on May 11, 2021.

Even before the pandemic, Asian Hospital is focused on ensuring that our community gets access to the best doctors and treatments for their illnesses, including providing wellness packages for disease prevention. When COVID arrived, the hospital’s focus shifted to saving as many lives as possible no matter how little knowledge the world has on this infectious disease.

Social media became a powerful tool in the dissemination of information to the community and its media partners. Asian Hospital’s partner doctors and allied professionals use their voice to educate the public on the virus and how best to prevent its spread. Weekly newsletters, daily social media posts, and mentions by partner media, AHMC has reached over 3M people through their posts.

One of the hospital’s arm that was greatly affected the pandemic was its emergency response last year. COVID patient surges overwhelmed the capacity of various hospital units in providing the care each patient deserves. An Emergency Operations Center was created where an overall coordination took place—Operations, Logistics, Planning, and Response.

One of the many challenges the hospital faced was the infected healthcare workers who contracted the virus, placing 288 infected individuals including one mortality, Emergency Medicine Consultant and Manager for Patient Safety Dr. Mary Grace Lim who took care of the 1st confirmed COVID patient.

In May, Asian Hospital opened the COVID Testing Center where onsite and drive thru procedures were offered. This paved the way for digital platforms to take place where Online Appointment system was encouraged so that patients may no longer need to go on-site for their appointments. A whopping 17,551 patients were served last year as a result of the hospital’s old and new services.

Mental health was also one of the focus of Extreme Life Incident Team (ELITE) last year. A relaxation hub, Usap Tayo, was created for everyone for them to take a break, take a nap, and simply spend time to unwind from their duties. Another successful program was the Wednesday Worship where anxieties may be released through worship songs and music.

One of the tools one needs to enter the hospital is the online Health Declaration Form, as part of the Tagged Safe campaign, where employees must truthfully disclose their signs and symptoms.

The hospital’s performance was measured through these four relevant metrics—Patient Safety Triggers, Critical Care Mortality Ratio, Patient Experience Metrics, and Financial Report—have paved the way for its performance, services, and deliverables be deemed triumphant.

In July of 2020, the Tagged Safe campaign was born in the hopes to invite the patients back to the hospital. This along with New Normal: New Patient Flow, eConsults, Online Appointment System and Home Care Drive Thru Services was successfully launched last year.

“We all chose to be healthcare workers, by doing so, we made it our goal to do good and make a difference in the lives of others,” Pres. Licaros, Jr. imparted to everyone in his report.

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