Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) is one of the most advanced healthcare institutions in the Philippines, providing Filipino people with world-class healthcare services for both patients and their families. As the top hospital in the Philippines, AHMC is the first medical facility with a hotel-like ambiance that helps promote healing, comfort, and care among patients.

AHMC, a medical center in Manila, is dedicated to bringing the best clinical outcomes, exemplary patient safety, and efficient disease management approaches to patients of all ages.

Technology and the Future of Healthcare

Digital innovations have been transforming the way the healthcare system works, making approaches more effective, sophisticated, and accurate than ever before. The unwavering advances in the medical field and pharmaceuticals have helped the best doctors and hospitals save lives and improve many others.

For many years, medical and technology have been working harmoniously to enhance patient care, develop enhanced treatments, make a more accurate diagnosis, and ultimately save lives. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of medical technologies:


  • Improved communication system – There are various devices made, so patients can easily contact their doctors or nurses. Such devices are placed in the patient’s rooms or wards. In the biggest hospitals in the Philippines, patients can simply click a button to call the attention of their healthcare team in times of emergencies. This device allows patients to contact their physicians or the best surgeon as soon as they need immediate medical attention.
  • Enhanced overall healthcare system – The advancements in technology have helped the medical field improve the quality of the healthcare system to treat and diagnose patients for better outcomes. Modern medical apparatus, including MR system, drug management technology, portable defibrillator, electronic IV monitors, among other things, have significantly improved the healthcare quality in both public and private hospitals in the Philippines.
  • Digitalization of patient’s health records in hospitals – Patients’ records are now electronically stored, either on databases or cloud servers. This is much faster and more accurate than its traditional counterparts.

Medical technologies have disadvantages too, such as increased costs of patient’s treatment, breach of digital health information, and in some cases, it may show wrong results about a patient’s condition due to machine errors.

The innovations and breakthroughs in technologies consistently develop – and will continue to do so. The best hospitals and modern medical facilities will keep on integrating technological innovation into medicine to let patients take control of their health for better outcomes and increased longevity. With technology, the healthcare system will carry forward to become more efficient, proactive, and personalized for its beloved patients.

Asian Hospital’s State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Asian Hospital and Medical Center is a state-of-the-art hospital with cutting-edge medical technology and a hotel-like environment. Asian Cancer Institute (ACI) holds the TomoTherapy HDA Series and the Saginova Brachytherapy – HDR. These are the most advanced means of radiotherapy available to deliver the best outcomes.

Aside from sophisticated health equipment, AHMC also delivers better medical care at a lower cost through digital transformation in analytics. AHMC is a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), the global leader in optimizing health engagements and patient care outcomes using information technology, based in Chicago, USA.

Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), AHMC is one of the best heart hospitals in the Philippines. It is a reputable hospital that ensures the safety of every patient, guest, and staff. These, and more are the reasons why Asian Hospital is the best hospital in Metro Manila.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center is a world-class healthcare facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology that offers customized compassionate care for each patient.

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