Our Eye Center boasts of a state of the art lineup of diagnostic equipment and laser machines unparalleled in South of Manila. We cater not only to the patients and doctors from this hospital but also those coming from nearby cities and provinces.

The entire staff is dedicated to one goal: to provide excellent service. Our singular focus is meeting our patients’ needs and making their experience truly outstanding.

Our office provides a complete range of Ophthalmologic diagnostic service that features OCT of the Macula and Optic Nerve Head, OCT-Angiography, Fluorescein Angiography, and Perimetry, as well as ancillary services such as IOL Master Biometry, Specular Microscopy and Pachymetry. We also house continuous wave (Argon) and Nd-Yag laser machines capable of performing various treatment procedures in the eye. In the near future, we will also unveil our very own Dry Eye Center that includes the Tear Lab osmolarity tester, Ocular Surface Analyzer and EyeLight Laser.

Our friendly and competent staff is dedicated to making your visit a satisfactory experience. At a time when health care is being ushered into the New Normal, the Eye Center maintains its resolve to provide the best possible service to its clients.


Cornea and External Disease 

The Cornea and External Disease Service provides medical and surgical care to patients with cornea and ocular surface diseases such as corneal dystrophies, corneal decompensation, dry eye, infections, pterygium, and ocular injuries. Ocular Surface Reconstruction, Conjunctival Autograft, Corneal Transplantation and Endothelial Keratoplasty are some services provided by the team to improve the vision and condition of the eye.


Glaucoma Section offers first-rate diagnostic and treatment options for all patients with glaucoma. The distinguished specialists of the section are bona fide members of the Philippine Glaucoma Society, the only group of glaucoma specialists accredited by the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology. Our doctors will help you deal with one of the leading cause of blindness in the world – glaucoma.

Neuro-ophthalmology and low vision 

Neuro-ophthalmology is a subspecialty that deals with problems of the eye related to the brain, nerves and muscles. Some of the common conditions evaluated by neuro-ophthalmologists include optic neuritis, visual field loss, unexplained or transient visual loss, double vision and abnormal eye movements. Our service can provide you possible treatment and management strategies in addressing these conditions.

In cases where vision loss cannot be corrected by medical means, surgical treatments or the conventional eyeglasses, the Low Vision Service offers Low Vision screening with low vision refraction, color deficiency evaluation and contrast sensitivity testing to document the vision impairment prior to proceeding to vision rehabilitation. For these patients, the goal is to teach new strategies and match optical devices that will hopefully maximize their remaining vision in order to cope with their activities of daily living.

Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

Our Section consists of ophthalmologists that are trained to treat conditions of the orbit (eye socket), the lacrimal system (tear glands and ducts), the eyelids and adjacent face. Whether you’ve suffered an eye or facial injury, have a condition affecting the eye or eyelid function, or simply want to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, we can help.

The members of our team are board certified by the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology (PBO) and members of the Philippine Society Of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (PSOPRS) & Asia-Pacific Society Of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (APSOPRS).

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus 

The Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus provides comprehensive and compassionate care for children’s visual concerns, from birth to 17 years of age. Our pediatric ophthalmologists provide evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for the simplest and most complex childhood eye disorders, including but not limited to stye, conjunctivitis, refractive errors, amblyopia (lazy eye), cataract, retinopathy of prematurity, eye trauma, and genetic eye diseases. They also manage eye misalignment problems (esotropia, exotropia, paralytic strabismus) in children and adults, in the form of glasses, prisms, and appropriate surgical intervention.

Uveitis and Ocular Immunology 

The Uveitis and Ocular Immunology Service is involved with inflammation or swelling of the eye. This may present as eye redness or pain especially when outdoors, severe blurring of vision, or seeing floating objects among others. There is a high association of uveitis with systemic disorders, particularly autoimmune diseases like lupus and inflammatory conditions like arthritis. As such, uveitis experts are trained not only to focus on the ophthalmologic history and physical examination but, just as equally important, to seek out extraocular manifestations and presentations.

There are just a handful of Uveitis specialists in the Philippines who are members of both the Philippine Ocular Inflammation Society ( POIS ) and International Ocular Inflammation Society ( IOIS ). The Department of Ophthalmology of Asian Hospital and Medical Center is truly blessed to have 3 among its staff.


Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Retina Service team are board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists who provide the latest medical and surgical treatment for retinal diseases. They include:

  • Vitrectomy and laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy
  • Intravitreal pharmacologic injections for wet macular degeneration and macular edema
  • Laser treatment of retinal tears/holes and peripheral retinal degenerations
  • Vitrectomy surgery for macular hole and pucker
  • Surgery for retinal detachment
  • Treatment for retinopathy of prematurity
  • Surgery for posterior segment trauma
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