In August 2005, Asian Hospital and Medical Center opened its door for occupational health practitioners by creating the countrys first ever, Department of Occupational Medicine. 

The aim then was to give the Company physicians a venue to admit their patients, and do appropriate referrals to other specialists. The executive check ups were part of their role as well. Members of the department came from various specialty such as Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Ob Gyne – with one common competence, the basic course in occupational medicine.

The founding chair was Dr Maria Antonia O. Yamamoto. In 2007, with the creation of employees clinic, accreditation of Family Physicians were done to man and preserve the health of the AHMC employees and their dependents. An evidenced based guideline for health promotion was adopted, and the Executive Check Up section, took on a medical manager, and limited the physicians to two – an occupational physician and a family physician; thereby detaching the service from the department. 

In 2009, with the change of hand, and the recognition of Family Physicians who are practicing under the banner of Internal Medicine and employee’s health, the management, headed by Dr Lito Rosas encouraged the adaptation of Family Medicine in the Department. After identifying the clinical competencies of both specialty and defining its practice, the credentials committee: under Dr Sol Alvarez, grated approval for the Practice of Family Medicine.  These lead to the transfer of family medicine specialist from the Department of Internal Medicine to Occupational Medicine. Moreover, the academic rank of Diplomate had been imposed for either specialty for accreditation for practice.

In respect for the prior recognition of the occupational medicine, the department decided on the name, Department of Occupational and Family Medicine. Various subspecialties in Family Medicine were opened for practice such as Palliative, Nutrition Support and Geriatrics. 

Simultaneous with these, the Occupational Medicine practitioners were asked to once again man and practice through the Center of Executive Health. This was done together with the Family Medicine Specialist. 

The Occupational Medicine practitioners also had gained recognition in terms of campaigning awareness and promulgation of good practice through its various CME activities like post graduate courses and pocket lectures on Ergonomics, Work place balance, Stress Management to name a few.

In 2010, the Supportive and Home Care Unit was started, under the banner ship of the family medicine practitioners. Although not distinctly unique from other hospitals, it created awareness and understanding on how to care for the chronically ill, the sick and the dying. Armed with the help of occupational medicine practitioners – the service remains up to these date


The Department of Occupational & Family Medicine of Asian Hospital and Medical Center strives to be a premier regional center for Occupational and Family Medicine providing competent, comprehensive, compassionate, advance and quality health care


We are a team of highly trained and motivated  Occupational and Family medicine specialists affiliated with a premier hospital who aim to promote and improve  health and safety  within the workplace  and family units through professional service. 





  1. Angodung, Rene Macaso
  2. Basa, Ramon  Manabat
  3. Bawalan, Maria Serena Lavin
  4. Blas – Quismorio, Maria Regina Lopez
  5. Corvera, Rumalie Alparaque
  6. Cuison, Roy Jocson
  7. Del Rosario, Lemuel Canovas
  8. Escritor, Mylene Lim
  9. Esguerra-Cutchon, Noeline Russel Vitaliano
  10. Francisco, Eliza Mei Belen Perez
  11. Gabriel, Dennis James Tolentino
  12. Relos, Marissa Antonette Garcia
  13. Lazaro-Feraer, Carla Frances Marcelino
  14. Lerpido, Rommel Romana
  15. Mangrobang, Maricel Torres
  16. Marbibi, Maria Victoria Diezmo
  17. Mendoza, Jerttie Rhea Josef
  18. Mendoza, Marie Evangeline  Gomez
  19. Nierva, Paul Tormo
  20. Ofina, Arabelle Coleen Patacsil
  21. Sabularse, Stephanie Caroline Cortez
  22. Silva, Aries Sunglao
  23. Venus, Angeli Abiera
  24. Solana, Marikka Thaenia Villafuerte
  25. Yamamoto, Maria Antonia Ocampo
  26. Zamuco, Mary Janice Legaspi


  1. Center for Executive Health


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