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The Asian Hospital Department of Neurosciences is the leader and provider of patient-centered,     comprehensive and competent Neurological Services for the promotion of wellness and optimum quality of life.


  1. For our patients:
    • • We dedicate ourselves in providing excellent, cost-effective, state-of-the-art, optimum neurological services. 
    • • We shall put our patients in the center of an ethical, compassionate, and holistic healing environment
  2. For our partners and other Health Care Providers:
    • • We shall promptly respond to the referrals, and share neurological expertise with our colleagues
    • • We shall work in harmony, in a setting of trust and confidentiality among colleagues, respecting each other’s individual expertise for the benefit of the patients
    • • We shall provide an environment that will harness the fullest potential of its members, and stimulate professional advancement in the practice of the neurosciences
  3. For AHMC: 
    • • We shall be front-liners in advanced neurological services at par with world-class standards
    • • Nurture strategic alliances with other related units and departments to improve quality of neurological services
    • • We are committed to support the hospital’s programs of creating a total healing environment
    • • We support all its undertakings to promote general welfare of the community.

The department will provide quality neurological care and services to patients with Stroke, Paroxysmal disorders like seizures, epilepsy and headache, Degenerative disorders, CNS Infections, CNS Tumors, Neuro-developmental disorders, Dementia and Alzeimers, traumatic brain Injury and other neurologic manifestations of other systemic illnesses.