The Emergency Department aims to provide safe and efficient care for all patients who arrive at the Emergency Department 24 hours a day.

  1. The Emergency Department of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center is located at the upper ground floor of the hospital. Its main driveway is accessed through Civic Drive and had two main entrances. 

    One entrance is dedicated for ambulatory patients. Another entrance is for Ambulance borne patients and those non-ambulatory patients transported on board private vehicles.

    The department has 34 beds that are assigned as follows: 
    • 8 for primary adult care
    • 6 for primary and acute pediatric care
    • 4 at corridor alcoves
    • 4 adult urgent care
    • 4 observation/critical care
    • 5 adult and pediatric urgent trauma care and
    • 3 isolation care
  2. It maintains a dedicated patient registration desk, manned by admissions personnel.  A Triage desk, manned by a triage nurse which is adjacent to a patient waiting area. Two work stations, each with dedicated computers for access to the hospital information system. A dedicated department stock room. A point of care laboratory facility, manned by medical technologists. Provisions for the storage of clean and dirty linen. A medication storage room with locked medication storage bins and dedicated refrigerator maintained at constant temperature. Six GE Dash 5000 patient care monitors, two fully equipped e-carts and two GE responder 2000 defibrillators with external pacing capability.


Contact Information:
(02) 876 5739
Upper Ground Floor, Tower 1, Asian Hospital and Medical Center

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