#MyAsianStory (October 2015)

Carlo Lucas M. Buan

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your team, led by Mr. Arman Bajacan. 

I am a sports enthusiast. I have join organized running races since 2005. I have joined Urbanathlon races too. I play in the Ateneo Basketball League (an alumni league) since 2002, and similar leagues in Paranaque, Pasig and Q.C. I swim for cross training too. In early 2013, I started to get hooked in long distance running.

I still vividly remember how I tore my ACL in the morning of September 13, in a basketball tournament. My MRI revealed that I have a high grade partial tear in my ACL, right knee. I thought my sports activities would come to a complete stop. 

I opted for a non-invasive approach to treat my ACL. It was Mr. Arman Bajacan (PT Department) and Dr. Rich Pasion (Sports Medicine) that encouraged me to go on a therapy program to strengthen my leg and knee. 

I started doing rehab sometime in October 2014. The exercises were intense, specific and functional. Arman would really see to it that I would stick to my training program – basketball and running specific.

If a part of my knee or leg would hurt after doing a sports activity in the weekends. I would inform Arman immediately and he would help me break down and analyze the factors that caused it. It was very informative and insightful; it even helped me improve my running form and upper body strength. I even lost weight during the process, (an added bonus!). Arman even gave me some 'home-based' exercises that would help me improve my fitness level even if I am not in the rehab center. He was a PT, strength and conditioning coach, trainer rolled into one. 

I ran my first 21-K race last Sunday (post-ACL tear), August 16. I finished the race in under 2 hours and 11 minutes. The results were unexpected! Before injuring my knee, I ran this same race, same distance last year at 2 hours and 20 minutes, and I thought I was already at my best that time!

Now, I am planning and training to run a 42-K, next would be a Duathlon, and a Triathlon Race, who knows? I can also incorporate some basketball too. 
Thank you Asian Hospital PT Department, Thank you Arman, Please continue to inspire and give hope. Congratulations to your team of directors and senior officers, may your organization continue to improve and develop this program.