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Experiencing eye strains, headaches, or red eyes?

It’s time to see your ophthalmologist. In line with the celebration of Sight Saving Month, the Department of Ophthalmology will give out 20% discounts on selected Eye Center procedures. This promo is not valid to be used in conjunction with other promos or discounts.

List of Discounted Services

Procedure NamePriceDiscounted Price
ICG (Indocyanine Green) Angiogram both eyes17,207.00 13,766 
OCT ONH + GCL both eyes6,429.00 5,143 
Fluorescein Angiogram, both eyes5,560.00 4,448 
Panretinal Photocoagulation (per eye)4,430.00 3,544 
Focal Laser Treatment, (per eye)4,410.00 3,528 
OCT MACULLA BOTH EYE4,300.00 3,440 
OCT Anterior Segment – Both eyes4,150.00 3,320 
OCT Angioplex – Both eyes4,000.00 3,200 
B-scan Ultrasound / eye3,820.00 3,056 
Tear Osmolality (Both Eyes)3,500.00 2,800 
Visual Field test(Humphrey Field Analysis) 2 eyes3,460.00 2,768 
OCT ONH + GCL 1 eye3,340.00 2,672 
Ocular Surface Analysis (Both Eyes)3,000.00 2,400 
OCT Angioplex – 1 eye2,200.00 1,760 
OCT MACULLA PER EYE2,150.00 1,720 
Ocular Surface Analysis (Per Eye)2,000.00 1,600 
Cirrus Pachymetry, both eyes1,800.00 1,440 
Disc photo, (2 eyes)1,770.00 1,416 
Fundus photo (per 2 eyes)1,770.00 1,416 
Visual Field test(Humphrey Field Analysis) per eye1,730.00 1,384 
IOL Master Biometry both eyes1,700.00 1,360 
Specular Microscopy1,310.00 1,048 
Fundus photo (one eye)890.00 712 
Disc photo (one eye)890.00 712 
Pachymetry, 2 Eyes860.00 688 
Auto-refractor, Bilateral860.00 688 
IOL Master Biometry per eye850.00 680 
A-Scan Immersion780.00 624 
Pachymetry, 1 eye510.00 408 
Auto-refractor, per eye490.00 392 

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