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Liver Health Screening Test

Save your liver from damages and keep it healthy! The Asian Hospital and Medical Center offers Liver Panel and Elastography

Promo Duration

  • July 22, 2019 - August 22, 2019

Services Offered

Liver Panel / Liver Function Test (Blood Test)

  • No fasting needed.
  • Results will be available after 2 hours.
Php 2694.00

Liver Elastography (Ultrasound)

  • Fasting is REQUIRED but you may only drink water.
  • Results will be available in 4 hours.
Php 2800.00


  • This is applicable only for Liver Panel and Liver Elastography.
  • This is applicable only to patients who are newly diagnosed with the following conditions: Hepatitis, Fatty Liver, High Cholesterol Level, Liver Cirrhosis, Diabetic, Alcoholic.
  • The patient will register through the Marketing and Communications Department and should present doctor's order.
  • In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided under the Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010, whichever is higher.
  • This should be availed within the promo period.
  • This is non-transferrable.

Contact Details

(02) 771 9000 Local 8017 or 8623

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