Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)


Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

(Basic, Impulse Oscillometry and Comprehensive)

Test Method:

- Breathing exercise

- Patient Preparation:

- No smoking eight (8) hours prior to the test

- No heavy meals one (1) hour prior to the test

- Avoid wearing apparels that are tight such as necktie, buttoned shirt collar, tight belt, and excessive tight brassiere or girdle

- Any restrictive clothing worn at the time of the test should be loosen

- No bronchodilator (e.g., Ventolin, Combivent, Berodual, and any other form of anti-asthma drugs) eight (8) hours before the test

- No drinking of coffee or any caffeinated beverage four (4) hours prior to the test

Turn Around Time / Availability of Results:

- One (1) hour (Basic PFT and IOS)/After three (3) working days]\

- On-site/24 hours

- Two hours (Comprehensive PFT)/After three working days

Unit conducting the service:

Pulmonology Unit

Special Considerations:

- Abnormal vital signs

- Episode of DOB during the test

- History of seizure

- 1st trimester and full term of pregnancy

- Vomiting and hemoptysis

- Claustrophobic

- Maxillary and nasal deformities