Fecalysis (Routine Stool Examination)

Test Methodology

  • Light Microscopy

Running Day

  • Daily 

Turn Around Time

  • Routine: Two hours
  • STAT: One hour

Specimen Requirement

  • Stool sample should be submitted one hour of collection; At least thumb size for formed specimens approximately 2 to 5 tbsp. if watery, Mucoid or loose

Patient Preparation

  • Stool samples should not be contaminated with urine, water, soil, mineral, or castor oil, anti-diarrheal compounds radiologic contrast medium or barium. There should be an interval of at least one week after ingestion or non-absorbable diarrheal compounds (e.g. Diatabs and Imodium), antacids, bismuth and mineral oil. There should be an interval of three weeks after taking barium sulfate, gall bladder dye, antibiotics, iodine preparations, anti-amoebic drugs and certain anti-malarial drugs

Special Considerations

  • Watery, diarrheic, loose, and mucoid consistencies should be processed within 30 minutes of collection