CT Virtual Colonoscopy


First Day

  • Take light meals or soft diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No fruits, vegetables and fibers

Second Day

  • Reconstitute the contents of one PICOPREP sachet in a cup of water approximately 150ml. Stir two to three minutes. Take the first reconstituted sachet at 8.00 AM followed by at least five 250ml of bottled water. Take the second reconstituted sachet at 2.00 PM followed by three 250ml of bottled water.
  • No fruits, vegetables, fibers and meat
  • Fasting after 12 midnight

Third Day (Day of the Procedure)

  • Take ELDICET (Pinaverium Bromide) 50mg, four (4) tablets at 6.00 AM or two (2) hours before the scheduled time (antispasmodic)
  • Omit breakfast but you may take your medication, if any
  • May resume previous diet after procedure

Release of Results

Two (2) hours after the procedure