Nutrition and Wellness Services Clinic (NWSC) offers a variety of services to help manage your
nutritional challenges. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a chronic disease or are interested
in bettering your health, our clinic provide multiple nutrition services that work in tandem with
recommendations from your primary care provider and other health specialists.

Our clinic is manned by a Clinical Dietitian (CD) who is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian (RNDs) of Asian
Hospital and Medical Center, known as the leader and center of benchmark in the best nutrition care
clinical practice here in the Philippines, providing a personalized Nutrition Care Plan. An RND practices
the science of medical nutrition therapy and implements provision of Nutrition Care Process to patients
with various disease conditions to improve health, promote faster recovery and prevent malnutrition by
giving expert nutrition guidance and counselling. One of the interventions being done by the RNDs is the
provision of diet counselling to patients and family members, which includes other health education and
teachings on food selection and preparation and appropriate dietary patterns.

A Clinical Dietitian (CD) will design a custom health plan and will provide educational materials that
address all of your needs. An initial consultation includes comprehensive evaluation to understand your
daily lifestyle, work/family environment, diet preferences, and biochemical results (if available). It will be
followed by a personalized and appropriate nutrition intervention based on assessment and patient
needs to achieve target outcomes. Finally, a follow-up plan is also developed to assess the patient’s
compliance and progress.

Nutrition and Wellness Services Clinic (NWSC) is a full-time outpatient consultation and management service for the complete spectrum of nutritionally related medical problems which includes:

  • Weight Management
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Obstetrics and Maternity Nutrition
  • Geriatrics Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Chronic Diseases Nutrition Management (Diabetes, Heart Disease or Cancer)
  • Eating Disorder
  • Nutrition Support (Tubefeeding/Enteral Nutrition or Parenteral Nutrition)
  • Renal Nutrition
  • Post Stroke/Cardiac Rehabilitation Nutrition Management
  • Home Care Nutrition

Nutrition and Wellness Services Clinic is located at 4th floor, Lifestyle Medicine Center Tower 1 and
operates from 0800H – 1700H from Monday to Saturday. During Sundays and Holidays, one RND is
assigned on call status since he/she is also covering referred in-patients on that day. For more information about our Nutrition and Wellness Services Clinic, you may call (02) 8771 9000 at local 8473
or 8047 to book your appointment now.

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