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Health Technology Assesment 101: Best Evidence for Best Buys in Healthcare

Course Description:

This Health Technology Assessment (HTA) course is designed to provide healthcare leaders, managers, and end-users with a fundamental understanding of the concepts and processes involved in the assessment of relevant evidence and knowledge on the effects and consequences of healthcare technologies. Health technologies can include medical procedures, medical equipment and devices, diagnostic and investigative technologies, pharmaceuticals, public health interventions, and systems of care. HTA integrates information about the technical specifications of these technologies with valid evidence on effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and safety from published studies. HTA also evaluates the impact of acquiring technologies on the behavior of health professionals and the operations of healthcare institutions.

HTA 101 will train participants how to search for, critically appraise, and apply information from multiple sources in technology management; thus, helping managers and staff ensure that investments in healthcare technologies will lead to services of greater value to patients and communities.

Course Objectives:

After successfully completing this course, the participants will be able to:
1. Describe Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and its fundamental concepts, in particular, the use of systematic literature review and economic evaluation to inform the development of health policies;
2. Identify assessment topics and set priorities relative to HTA through practical and accountable means;
3. Explore the assessment process for a new health technology and how this applies to a potential decision outcome;
4. Evaluate HTA reports and understand the evidence presented; and,
5. Contribute to an informed discussion about whether or not a new health technology is adopted and funded by a healthcare organization.

With CPD Units for Doctors and Nurses.
Limited slots only.

For inquiries, registration, and payment, please call:
Dr. Adrian Lawsin
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