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Surgical Patients

Patients scheduled to undergo surgery must follow the following Pre-Operative Anesthesia Instructions:

Fasting for a certain period prior to the operation is required. Adults should not eat or drink anything from six hours before surgery. For children aged 2-6, the fasting period is four hours; for newborns and those aged up to two years, two hours. However, patients may take morning medications (e.g. antihypertensive, anti-angina) with very little sips of water.

Inpatient Surgery

You will be admitted not later than 8:00 pm on the night prior to the day of the operation.

Outpatient Surgery

Be at the hospital at least two hours before the scheduled operation and bring your pre-anesthetic evaluation form, lab results, chest x-ray results, clearance forms from other doctors, history/PE forms completed by surgeons, and Surgeon’s order sheet. You have to register at the admission office and secure your Admitting Record and Wristband label. Please bring along a companion who can take you home after the procedure.