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Other Services

Wrist Identification Band

For your safety and facilitation purposes, you will be issued a wristband stating your name, the name of your attending doctor, hospital number, room number, date of birth, and date of admission. Wear it at all times while in the hospital.

Consent Form

By admitting yourself to the hospital, you have given tacit agreement to undergo general treatment which may be required for your condition. Certain procedures would require your specific written consent.


Bringing household equipment in the hospital is not allowed. (e.g. electric fan, kitchen equipment)


Do not bring your valuables to the hospital. If you do have valuables with you, you are required to deposit them in the hospital vault. The hospital will not be responsible for lost or stolen items that are not deposited in the hospital vault. For inquiries, please call the Admissions Department at (632) 876-5716 to 18.

No Smoking

Pursuant to City Ordinance no. 99-046 of the City of Muntinlupa, smoking is strictly prohibited within the building and external property line of Asian Hospital and Medical Center. Violation of the “No Smoking” ordinance will result in a fine ranging from Php 200 to Php1,000 and/or imprisonment of 1 to 7 days.

Transfer of Patient to ICU

Should there be a need to transfer you from a private room to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the ICU rate shall be applied on the day you are transferred.