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Arrangements for Admission

For non-emergency cases, arrangement for admission to Asian Hospital and Medical Center is made during a patient’s appointment with the doctor at our Medical Office Building. You will be asked to complete a Pre-admitting Record, which will be forwarded to the Admissions Department. Upon receipt of the Pre-admitting Record, the admitting staff will pre-register or update the data in preparation for your admission. The Doctor’s Office will advise you of the day and time of your admission. Please report to Guest Services located at the main lobby. You will be directed to the Admissions Office. The Admitting Personnel will verify your details and prepare your admission. Once completed, Guest Services staff will escort you to your room.

In the event of an emergency, admission to Asian Hospital and Medical Center is arranged through the Emergency Room.

Admission of foreign patients is arranged through the International Health Service (IHS).

During admission, please inform our Admitting Staff if you plan to use your HMO, health insurance, or corporate credit line to pay for your hospitalization. Our staff will inform you if your particular HMO, health insurance company, or employer has an existing direct billing arrangement with the hospital. Kindly ensure that your HMO, health insurance, or employer will submit a Letter of Authorization/Guarantee to the hospital.

Visiting Hours
General visiting hours is from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
only. For special nursing care units (e.g. NICU, CV-ICU,
MS-ICU, Genesis and Huggery), visiting hours is
according to unit’s policy.