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Emergency Services

Emergency Medicine: Providing high-quality emergency care

Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Department of Emergency Medicine provides high-quality care to patients whose life is seriously threatened by disease or trauma.

Patients receive prompt and personalized attention from our team of highly trained emergency medicine specialists and experienced, compassionate nurses and caregivers.

  • From registration to discharge, patients will feel the personalized touch provided by our staff.
  • In our triage area, patients are promptly assessed and monitored.
  • After a quick assessment, patients can be transferred to enclosed observation areas within the emergency services complex, which offer more privacy and are conducive to healing.
  • Our emergency services complex has special treatment areas for children.
  • Critically ill patients can be monitored closely with our cardiac monitor
  • Our emergency services complex is capable of caring for highly vulnerable patients—the very young and the very old.
  • Our well-equipped, highly accessible treatment area provides quick and intensive care for trauma and critically ill patients.


How to Contact Us

Direct line: (632) 876-5807
Trunk line: (632) 771-9000 ext. 8195 / 8196 / 8197
Ambulance Hotlines(632) 771-9000 ext. 5739 / 5740 / 5741