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Asian Cancer Institute


The Asian Cancer Institute
A New Milestone of Innovation and Excellence

The Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) has celebrated another important milestone with the full opening of its state-of-the-art Asian Cancer Institute (ACI) in July 2015.

The Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC), as a leading healthcare organization, envisions an innovative approach for cancer care in the Philippines by creating a world-class, multidisciplinary, and integrative cancer care facility where the cancer patient is totally comforted and cared for. In line with this vision to deliver global expertise and compassionate care, the AsianHospital and MedicalCenter has created its state-of-the-art Asian Cancer Institute.

The Asian Cancer Institute is unique among cancer centers in the Philippines and is a “one-stop-shop” using the innovative team approach in cancer prevention and management, with access to the most advanced cancer therapy technology. It is manned by a competent group of dedicated oncologists and allied oncology professionals who are recognized experts in their fields. The Asian Cancer Institute is designed to provide the public and patients the following:

State-of-the-art, innovative, and evidence-based treatment by a group of expert medical and allied cancer specialists.

  • The most advanced Radio Therapy services with its state-of-the-art, image-guided, new TomoDirect™ Tomotherapy HDA-H Series machine system that treats a full spectrum of patients without compromise and ensures the highest standards of precision and safety. In addition, it has an advanced High Dose Rate capable Brachytherapy system and MX16 Evo CT scans.
  • Great convenience, fast, and easy access to screening and diagnostic procedures.
  • Individualized yet comprehensive cancer therapy and management.
  • Compassionate care where every patient is totally cared for.
  • A healing environment that comforts and heals the body as well as the spirit.



The cancer patient is totally comforted and cared for.


We provide a world-class, integrated, compassionate, wholistic, multi-disciplinary service to every cancer patient.


Global expertise in cancer care; Filipino heart that comforts and heals

The Embrace of Healing, Comfort, and Hope:
What the Asian Cancer Institute Means

Every cancer patient is a warrior battling against a ferocious foe. Every wound is a badge of courage, every bruise a testament of silent heroism.

A refuge, a sanctuary – every wounded warrior needs a  place to heal. That healing place is like a mother’s embrace, ready to protect, nurture, comfort and give renewed vigor so the warrior can fight another day. 

The warrior and the protective embrace – the symbolism of the Asian Cancer Institute’s logo. The inner arc in purple color stands for a person afflicted with cancer.  Purple is  the universal color of cancer. The outer  yellow arc, like a mother embracing her child,  is  AsianHospital and MedicalCenter. Yellow  is the color of Chrysanthemum – AHMC’s logo that means healing, comfort,  and hope. In the same protective,  maternal embrace, the Asian Cancer Institute welcomes any patient that enters its doors.

With Global Expertise in Cancer Care, every patient receives the best integrative,  multidisciplinary cancer screening and management processes.  Equipped with  state-of-the-art  technology and the dedicated  expertise of its doctors and staff, the Asian Cancer Institute provides a comprehensive spectrum of services that significantly enhances the  rates of treatment success.

Filipino Heart that Comforts and Heals. The Asian Cancer Institute provides individualized compassionate care and  assures that every patient is totally cared for. It offers a healing environment  that comforts and heals the body and also the spirit.

At the Asian Cancer Institute, every patient can feel the embrace of healing, comfort, and hope.



Asian Cancer Institute’s Four (4) Centers of Excellence and Facilities:


1. Emmanuel Center – Multi-Specialty Surgical Oncology

                      This facility provides screening, diagnosis, and surgical care to patients with various malignancies.

2. Conquer C Center

                       The Conquer C Center mainly includes oncologists with specialized expertise in radiation therapy, nuclear oncology and interventional oncology doctors from Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Department.

3. Chrys Center 1

                       This Center provides Medical-Hematology-Pediatric oncology services (including an Oncology Drug Compounding Unit, Oncology Infusion Clinic and Ambulatory Blood Transfusion-Medical Infusion Clinic), the area of cancer dedicated to treating adult and pediatric patients by using medications taken by mouth, injection, or infusion, including internal medicine and pediatric medicine interventions.

4. Chrys 2 Center

                   Chrys 2 Center provides Integrative, Supportive, and Palliative Care Services. Members of the Services (mainstream and ancillary) work alongside the primary medical specialists & attending physicians who are administering the main modalities of cancer treatment and patient care coordination, seeking to ease distress while remaining mindful of patient and family needs, values, beliefs, culture, and economics.