Asian Hospital fully supports breastfeeding

Asian Hospital and Medical Center, a premier Mother- and Baby-Friendly Hospital in southern Manila, fully supports breastfeeding. We allow mothers who need to express breast milk to bring their own breast pump in the hospital. Those who need to bring in electric breast pump will be assisted by our s...   Read More >>

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Outpatient Diagnostic Services (Formerly Outpatient Department / OPD) Upper Ground Floor (UG), Tower 2 Tel. No. 771-9... Read More


4th Floor, AHMC Tower 2 Operating hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Saturday Services /  Procedures Offered: ... Read More

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Protect your child from hearing loss, have his hearing assessed today

We easily assume that a child who has a good appetite, does not complain of any discomfort, and grows at a normal rate is healthy. However, there are conditions that do not have obvious signs, like hearing loss. Parents are often caught unaware because children with hearing loss usually show normal behaviors. Children who seem to be more withdrawn or exhibit uncommunicative behavior are often excused as having person... Read More

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